Auxiliary units, mechanical equipment and machines

KASUS and partners develop the project, manufacture, supply, supervise and make start up of equipment for following auxiliary units:

I. Anticorrosion protection units, consists of:
  • Mobile compressor
  • Sandblower apparatus
  • Airless paint spray apparatus
II. High pressure pumps for handling of special revamp works
III. Apparatus for plasma cutting and tube end treatment for welding

KASUS selects and supplies the following mechanical equipment and machines:

I. All terrain mobile cranes DEMAG for revamp and assembly of technological equipment
II. Two way vehicle with multifunctional auxiliary equipment (different capacity cranes, lifting ramp, etc.) for handling of special revamp works

III. Fork lifts

IV. Cherry pickers / Elevating platforms

Other type of equipment and machines will be supplied on request.
Questionnaire, detailed information and commercial proposal on request.