Continius catalytic reforming units (CCR)

KASUS and partners develop the full or partial modernisation projects of continius catalytic reforming units (CCR) based on technical efficiency and wishes of customers, manufacture and supply of equipment, provide the supervision and start up service.

Scope of supply and service for CCR Units

I. Catalysts
Supply of fresh high efficient Pt-containing catalyst
Recovery of Pt metals from spent Pt- containing catalysts with sale of recovered Pt or delivery to fresh catalyst producer
Supply of HDS, polymerisation and alumina catalysts
II. Mechanical equipment
Reactor: construction elements and parts
Furnaces: inner insulation system –new constructions and materials,
                  burners -new efficient designs

Heat exchangers – new materials
Air-, freon- and gascompressors -  with oil free running and with DGS
Pumps with motors: revamp or exchange of old designed pumps for new ones, delivery of new designed efficient pumps
Air cooler- new materials with long life time
Filter and spare parts

Valves: gate-, globe-, ball-, swing check and safety valves manufactured from new materials
Assembly and auxiliary parts: mechanical seals and o-rings, belts, bearings, fastening materials, welding equipment, electrodes
III. Electrical equipment
Electrical motors for air coolers and pumps new efficient motors with long life time
Relays, fuses, air contactors, transformers, isolators tachogenerators, heaters – new models with long life time
IV. Equipment for controlling system
Control valves, pressure transmitters and indicators, I/P transducers, multipoint and bimetallic thermocouples, manometers, communicators and parts – new models with long life time

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