Equipment, parts, chemicals and catalysts supply

KASUS and partners supply of equipment, parts, chemicals and catalysts.

Scope of supply and services:

1. Mechanical equipment
1.1. Furnaces
  • Coils, fittings and insulation materials
  • Transfer and mud lines, accessories: acc. to ASTM and DIN norms
  • Chimney fans
  • Burners replacement
  • Soot blowers
  • Additional parts and materials 
1.2. Reactor
  • Construction elements and parts
 1.3. Heat recovery units
  • Economizer – new economical designs with fined cast steel- or steel tubes
  • Steam set
  • Vaporizer
 1.4. Transfer and mud lines
  • Selection of new materials
 1.5. Air coolers
  • Selection of new materials with long life time
 1.6. Vacuum columns
  • Inner- and packing elements new materials with long life time.
  • Vacuum Tubes Individual packing selection for different sections of the column
 1.7. Atmospheric columns
  • Inner- and packing elements new materials with long life time.
  • Development of the new internals / trays and selection of the materials for trays, fixtures and beams for the different sections of the columns
 1.8. Pumps with motors
  • Pumps, various types and capacities
  • Pneumatic membrane pumps for pumping of mineral oil, acids, alkalis, etc.
 1.9. Mechanical seals and belts
  • Mechanical, double and cartridge face
  • Dry gas seals for compressors
  • Linings standard and spirally-wound
1.10. Valves
  • Gate-, globe-, ball-, swing check
  • Safety and ball
 1.11. Assembly and auxiliary parts
  • Multiplicators
  • Bearings, fastening materials, welding equipment, electrodes
 1.12. Heat exchangers
  • Selection of new materials and construction
 1.13. Filter and spare parts
2. Electrical equipment
 2.1. Electrical motors for air coolers and pumps
  • New efficient motors with long life time
  • Relays, fuses, air contactors
  • Transformers, isolators
  • Generators, heaters – new models with long life time
 3. Equipment for controlling system
  • Control valves
  • Pressure transmitters and indicators, I/P transducers
  • Pressure and temperature gauges
  • Multipoint - and bimetallic thermocouples
  • Flow transmitters
  • Communicators
 4. Chemicals
  • All chemicals for plant laboratories for analysis of oil products, petrochemicals, chemicals and other feedstock and end products
  • Deemulsifiers for separation of oil and water
  • Ruthenium (IV) chloride solution, titanium-chloride for revamp of chlorine production units
  • DMDS, EM and TNPS for ССР units
  • Polyol / cyclepentane and isocyanate for polyurethane production for heat insulation of refrigerators
5. Catalysts
  • Fresh efficient Pt-containing catalyst for CCR units
  • Fresh efficient catalyst for FCC units acc. to customer’s wishes for end product list
  • Recovery of Pt- / Pd- metals from spent catalysts with sale of recovered Pt / Pd or delivery to the fresh catalyst producer
  • HDS, polymerisation and alumina catalysts
6. Spinnerets for all fibre types
  • Tantal spinnerets different sizes and holes  for polyamide fibres 
  • Precious metall spinnerets for all types fibre
Questionnaire, detailed information and commercial proposal  on request.