Petrochemical units

KASUS and partners develop the full or partial modernisation projects of petrochemical units based on technical efficiency and wishes of customer, manufacture and supply of equipment, provide the supervision and start up service.
  • Polyethylene Production units EP-300
  • 2. 2-Propanol (IPA) production units
  • Equipment, parts, chemicals and catalysts supply
 The permanently increase of demand of petrochemical and chemical products in different industries in CIS countries and especially in Russia requires an introduction of new technological solutions for satisfaction on demands and for global orientation in this very important segment of national economy.
We suggest solutions for modernisation of existing petrochemical units, for example of polyolefin production units such as EP 300. 
One of the main needs of this units is the modernisation of steamcracker furnaces with the introduction of new coil materials and new double tube TLE’s.  
We have to mention that the suggested solution can stabilise the production but cannot satisfy even the existing demand of petrochemical products.
This target can only be solved by introduction of new profitable technologies.